Welcome to the Shelburne Branch, Nova Scotia Retired Teachers Organization

Our general aims are within the Mission Statement of the N.S. Retired Teachers Organization:

The RTO is the official body representing the retired teachers of Nova Scotia and will advance, promote and protect the welfare of its members.


1. To maintain and increase professional and social contacts
2. To keep informed on subjects of education development
3. To maintain a liaison with the Nova Scotia Teachers Union
4. To be a strong voice for education in NS, speaking in support of the principles and actions of the NSTU
5. To furnish recommendations and advice to the NSTU on matters affecting the welfare of retired teachers
6. To be knowledgeable of the rights and benefits of retired teachers
7. To have authority to appoint representatives to provincial and national non-teacher bodies whose specific mandate is to promote the interests of retirees
8. To keep the NSTU apprised of representations made to external organizations, agencies or departments on all matters exclusive of the NSTU policy issues

The Shelburne Branch of the RTO meets a minimum of four times a year, usually in October, December, April and June. We have met in Barrington, Shelburne, Sandy Point and Sable River. We generally have our meeting (sometimes with a guest speaker) at around 11a.m., then lunch at noon. Cost to members depends on meal arrangements. To notify our members of upcoming meetings we have developed an extensive email listing, and have callers who phone those without emails. Our Facebook Page helps to keep members informed on upcoming events and news of interest to RTO members.

We are always looking for guest speaker on topics of interest to our members. If you have information for RTO members, contact a member.

If you are a Shelburne County retired teacher, or a Nova Scotia retired teacher who has moved to Shelburne County, we hope to see you at our meetings!

To check out current announcements or events on our Facebook Page (Private), contact a current member of the RTO to pass on your request!



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