Unapproved Minutes Shelburne RTO April 11, 2014

The April meeting of the Shelburne County RTO was called to order at 11:00 a.m. at the Sable River Community Hall.

Welcome to members and guest Herb Seymour, Member- At- Large.

Thank you to Women's Institute for catering this event.

Additions to the Agenda: (1) Newsletter submissions (2) Adopt- A -Book (3) Pharmacare

Wayne Mullins moved the adoption of the Agenda with the additions. John Jordan seconded. MOTION CARRIED.

Cliff MacKay moved the minutes of the last meeting (December 12, 2013) be accepted and Peggy Munroe seconded. MOTION CARRIED

Business Arising from the Minutes

(1) High School Bursaries- The Shelburne County RTO will be presenting a $100 Bursary to a student at each of the High Schools. Letters will be sent out to each of the High Schools concerning these bursaries. Criteria were discussed for submission to these bursaries. It would be open to all graduates who are applying to an education field -e.g. Early Childhood; University or secondary level (Community College). Decision would be made by the School Scholarship committee. A retired teacher from each area will make the presentation of the Bursary at the High School graduation. Peggy Munroe will present at Lockeport Regional High School; Bonnie Mahaney will present at Shelburne Regional High School and Bonnie will present at Barrington Municipal High School unless someone from the Barrington area is willing to do this.

(2) Resolutions to the AGM - there were no resolutions submitted.

(3) SCANS- Bonnie has handouts.

(4) Golf Tournament -September 17th, 2014 at Clare.

Benevolent Report

Eastern Area of Shelburne County - Carol Mahaney sent sympathy cards to the following RTO members -Barb Bower, Arthur Blades, Marg Holden, John Markotich and John Jordan.
Western Area of Shelburne County - no cards were sent.

New Business

(1) Annual General Meeting - May 28, 29th, 2014 n Halifax/ Dartmouth. Reception/dinner May 28th at Brightwood Golf Club ($25). Meeting will be held next day at the NSTU Building. The $25 dinner is the only cost. Our RTO Branch will provide up to $400 so members can attend. Bonnie will be attending (paid provincially). Marg Dawe showed a desire to attend as a delegate from Shelburne RTO. Receipts must be submitted to Dave Langille. Funds are available for other members to attend. Sue Sinden moved that the delegates who go to the AGM submit their receipts and divide their expenses afterwards. Marg Dawe seconded this motion. MOTION CARRIED. Cliff MacKay moved that $25 be given to provide a door prize at the AGM. Jack Morrison seconded. MOTION CARRIED.

(2) Shelburne RTO Facebook Page - Earle Goodwin approached Bonnie about the possibility we have a Facebook Page. It would only be for the social aspect of our group and when our meeting is going to be held. Peggy Munroe moved that we establish a Shelburne RTO Facebook page with Earle as the administrator. Jack Morrison seconded. MOTION CARRIED.

Treasurer's Report

Opening balance $1,151.54 December 12, 2013
Total Income $790.00
Disbursements $809.34
Closing Balance $1,132.20 April 11, 2014
Dave moved for acceptance of the financial report. John Jordan seconded. MOTION CARRIED.

Community Transit/ Southwest Community Transit

Community Transit (Provincial Level) is for Seniors, Low Income, students and those with disabilities. Donations are made from various branches.
Southwest Nova Transit is for Shelburne residents. It is a registered charity and it takes people door to door. The drivers are volunteers. Peggy Munroe moved that Shelburne RTO give a $50 donation to Southwest Nova Transit Organization. Sue Sinden seconded. MOTION CARRIED.

Kids Fair Play Fund

Marilyn Johnston, Municipality of the District of Shelburne is requesting funding for the Kids Fair Play Fund. All children in Shelburne County are eligible for assistance. Carol Mahaney moved that Shelburne RTO donate $50 for the Kids Fair Play Fund. Val Mullins raised the amount to $100. Bob Malay seconded Val's amount. MOTION CARRIED

Curling Bonspiel

Barrington area will host the 2015 RTO Provincial Bonspiel. Wayne Mullins and Arthur O' Connell will organize this event.

President's Meeting, May 2014

If there are any questions that you want asked e-mail Bonnie. There is a round table time at the meeting.
"Our Community Something for Everyone Fair" - April 26, 2014
Displays are available. Shelburne RTO may want to participate in this event in the future.

Shelburne Local of the NSTU

We have a strong relationship with the local branch of the NSTU. We are even asked to attend their PD sessions. The last events were bowling and the skating party.
Shelburne Local of the NSTU is having an Education Week Barbecue- April 23rd, 2014 (Sandy Point Lighthouse Community Center).
25 year pins (John Roscoe, Lee Gorham-Smith and Lana Finlayson)
Free for Retired Teachers
Starts 6:00 p.m.
Nominees - Jody Harris, Francine Hopkins and Sharman Banks
Provincial Award Winner- Andrea Mood- Nickerson

Execuitive Positions 2014-2015

Carol Mahaney is resigning (with regret) after 3 years Vice President.
Dawn Pritchard is resigning (with regret) from being the Secretary.


Submissions are needed for the Newsletter.

Member At Large

Currently our Member At Large is Herb Seymour. He is up for re-election. Nominations in by April 15th.

Adopt A Book Campaign

Wayne Mullins made the motion to donate $50 to Adopt A Book Campaign. Bob Malay seconded the motion. MOTION CARRIED.

John Jordan stated that he has not had a good experience with Pharamacare. Medication coverage can change from month to month. It was felt that the Provincial RTO should be made aware of this. Herb will bring this issue forth at the next Provincial Executive meeting.

Request from a member of Audited Statements (2013) of the Provincial RTO.
C TF is looking into various pension plans; more information may be available at the upcoming President's Meeting.

There has been discussion on Shingles Vaccine for RTO members.

Bonnie has First Response Cards for Substitute Teachers.

Regrets for this Meeting

Bernie Brown, Phyllis Cunningham, Francis Perry, Georgia Ross, Zita Stoddart, Mernie Locke and Elizabeth Rodgers.

Two door prizes were given at today`s meeting.
Jack Morrison made the motion to adjourn the meeting. Val Mullins seconded the motion.

Respectfully submitted,
Dawn Pritchard, Secretary Shelburne County RTO



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