Unapproved Minutes Shelburne County RTO December 12, 2013

The December meeting of the Shelburne County RTO was called to order at 11:00 a.m. at the Sandy Point Lighthouse Community Hall.

Welcome to Members and Guests, Member At Large (Herb Seymour)

Thank you for donations to the Food Bank

Alex Doggett and members of the Queen's County Branch of the RTO
Wendy Jones Darrow
Linda MacAlpine
Andrea J.Nickerson
Merni Locke
Barb MacLean
Bernie Brown
Zita Stoddard
Linda Goreham
Elizabeth Acker
Sandra LaMoine
Marianne Sears

Evelyn Brannen moved the adoption of the Agenda. Phyllis Cunningham seconded.

Minutes online are unapproved minutes. There was an error in the last minutes as Georgia Ross was not listed in the regrets.

Marg Dawe approved the minutes of the November 1st meeting with this addition.Jim Morton seconded. MOTION CARRIED.

Herb Seymour spoke on his role as Member At Large.

Password for the minutes section of the website was given again. Special notices are put on the website.

The Annual General Meeting of the Provincial RTO will be held on May 28,29th, 2014.
Deadline for Resolutions for the AGM are due December 15th,2013. Bonnie has forms.

Bonnie and Dave have RTO Legacy Donation cards. There are also cards at the Funeral Home in Shelburne.

Membership contact information sheet was passed around. Bonnie has emailed members to check out if the email addresses we have on members are current. Special thanks to Elizabeth Acker for help given in the past (redirecting email to Bonnie).

Schedules of upcoming meetings are on the website.

No correspondence was received.

Opening balance, November 1, 2013 $1,171.14
Income $155.00
Disbursements $174.60
Closing Balance, December 11,2013 $1,151.54

The Treasurer's Report was moved by Dave, seconded by Cliff MacKay,

Surplus Funds
An Ad Hoc committee was formed to look at surplus funds. The committee consisted of Phyllis Cunningham, Sue Sinden, Marg Dawe and the local RTO executive. Carol Mahaney presented the recommendations of the committee. They were :
3 - $100 bursaries (one to each High School)
$100 RTO Legacy Fund
$400 members to attend the AGM
$300 for various expenses in the operation of our local RTO
Carol moved that these recommendations be accepted.Shirley Nicoll seconded.
After some discussion MOTION ACCEPTED.

Each year the local will decide where their disbursements should go.

Delegates for this years AGM will be decided at the April meeting.Bonnie encouraged as many members to attend within our $400 budget.

Pension Board of Trustees Representative Presentation
Bonnie asked John Jordan, who is on the Pension Board of Trustees, to speak to us.
John will need to check with the Chairman of the Pension Board of Trustees.

The Shelburne Local of the NSTU invites us to their events. They had a wellness session at Forest Ridge.
Upcoming Events
(1)NSTU Family Skate January 2nd, 2014 @ Barrington Arena
(2) NSTU Family Bowling February 5th, 2014 @ Swansburg Lanes

Bonnie wondered about interest in providing RTO presence in 2014 Shelburne and or Barrington Christmas Parades.

Wayne Mullins stated that Barrington has an interest in hosting the Provincial Curling Bonspiel.

Next RTO meeting April 11, 2013.

Three locations were chosen for consideration as sites for meetings.
(1) Thomson's Drive-In Restaurant- Clyde River
(2) Senior's Complex in Barrington (Wesley United Church)
(3)Women's Institute -Sable River

Val Mullins moved that these three locations be considered , Carol Mahaney seconded the motion.
After some discussion it was decided that the next meeting be at the Women's Institute in Sable River.
Evelyn Brannen moved the next meeting be at the Women's Institute and Marlyn Moore seconded the motion.MOTION CARRIED.

Wayne Mullins moved the meeting be adjourned. Sue Sinden seconded the motion.

Christmas Turkey dinner followed. Entertainment was provided by Jessica Jurgenliemk, Shelburne Regional High.

Respectfully submitted,
Dawn Pritchard
Secretary, Shelburne County RTO



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