Unapproved Minutes Shelburne County RTO June 28, 2013

The June meeting of the Shelburne County RTO was called to order at 11:00 a.m at the Sandy Point Lighthouse Community Hall. This was followed by a moment of silence for Ina Langille and Jack MacKenney

Minutes of the previous meeting were unavailable. Bonnie Mahaney gave some highlights of the last meeting. John Jordan moved that these minutes
(highlights) be passed. Val Mullins seconded. MOTION CARRIED

Correspondence- Letter from Marilyn Johnson thanking the Shelburne County
RTO for the donation to the Play Fair Fund.

Bonnie publicly thanked Evelyn Brannen for her service as previous Secretary of the Shelburne County RTO.

Elizabeth Acker -Past President
Dawn Pritchard - Secretary
Marilyn Locke - Caller (for events)
Susan Daley - Caller
Ernestine Locke - Caller
Carol Mahaney - Benevolent (sends cards in Eastern Shelburne County)
- someone is needed to send cards in Western Shelburne County

Treasurer's Report
Opening Balance $1, 364.71
Income $1,696.71
Disbursements $761.00
Closing Balance $935.71

The Treasurer's Report was moved by David Langille, seconded by Marg Dawe.

New Shelburne County RTO cards 2013- 2014 were passed out to our members.

Bonnie, Carol and Marg attended.
Carol gave a brief report. She encourages more people to attend.
Marg discussed the Legacy Fund where donations are given to the IWK hospital
Bonnie stated that Shelburne County RTO received a certificate from the Provincial RTO, for having more than 75% of the retired teachers in Shelburne County joining the RTO. The Provincial RTO is looking for a Webmaster. If you are interested, let Bonnie know. Herb Seymour is our Provincial Representative.

Discussion at the AGM on pension concerns:
(1) large unfunded liability
(2) two indexing groups

Bonnie attended the Provincial Substitute Committee on June 1, 2013.The pay has gone up to $172 a day. There has been a decrease in the number of days in order to receive full pay (down to 18 days). A pamphlet is available at the schools entitled " Substituting in Nova Scotia".

The auditor of the Provincial RTO is the Financial Officer of the NSTU.

There is a Golf Tournament on September 18, 2013 at Berwick Heights Golf Club.

There is going to be a Second Annual Curling Bonspiel. No branch has come forward at this time to host the event.

Marg Dawe gave information of the Reunion at the Nova Scotia Teachers College August 16-18th, 2013. Marg has registration forms.

Bonnie and Marg went to the closing of the Queens RTO. May 30, 2013.

Ten retirees went to our local retirement. Five teachers retired.

There was a gathering on the first day of school last year at the Lobster Shack in Barrington. This wasn't an RTO event. Bonnie asked if there was any interest from this group in having such an event this Fall.

Bonnie has a copy of Deals and Discounts. It is also on-line.

Bonnie has the financial statement of the Provincial RTO. This is available to members.

Marg Dawe made a motion that the Shelburne County RTO donate $150 to the Legacy Foundation Fund. It was seconded by John Jordan. MOTION CARRIED.

Bonnie queried if there was any suggestions/ideas for the Fall meeting. If there are any ler her know.

Francis Perry asked if any more links were needed on our website. He will put a link on for the Teachers College Reunion. Minutes will now be placed on the website.

Let Bonnie know if you want to be on the call list for events.

Selwyn Chatee informed us that Trevor Bebb will be having a display of his artwork showing the waterfront in Lockeport (circa 1880-1890's). It is on display at the Lockeport museum in the Blue Room. It was suggested that a picture/write up of this accomplishment be posted on the RTO wall at the NSTU building.

There was some discussion on teacher cuts in our area.

Next meeting will be in October. A motion was made by Wayne Mullins to adjourn. Seconded by Barb MacLean. MOTION CARRIED.
Meeting adjourned at 11:40 a.m.
Cold plate lunch followed.

Respectfully submitted,
Dawn Pritchard
Secretary, Shelburne County RTO


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