Unapproved Minutes Shelburne County RTO November 1, 2013

The November meeting of the Shelburne County RTO was called to order at 11:00 a.m. at the Fire Hall in Centerville.This was followed by a moment of silence for Ina Smith.

Wayne and Sue Mullins
Jeff and Debbie Gregory
Francis Perry
Sue Daley
Andrea Jane Nickerson
Joanna Newell
Jack Morrison
Marilyn Locke

Phyllis Cunningham moved the adoption of the agenda. Marg Dawe seconded.

Carol Mahaney moved the adoption of the minutes. Sue Sinden seconded.

Dave Langille agreed to be the Benevolent Representative for the Western area.

Provincial Webmaster-Colin Campbell

On the first day of school 26 teachers showed up for breakfast at the Clyde River Dairy Bar.

Passwords were given for the Minutes section of our website.

Marilyn Johnson, Municipality of the District of Shelburne sent a thank you note
for the Kids Play Fund
Thank you note from the N.S. provincial RTO for our donation to the RTO Retired Teacher Legacy Foundation.

There are Retired Teacher Legacy Foundation cards at the various funeral homes for donations.

RTO membership is $36 a year. This doesn't have to be renewed. Bonnie has the forms for the provincial membership. The RTO card entitles you to special deals and discounts.

Treasure's Report
Opening Balance $935.71
Income $943.00
Disbursements $707.57
Closing Balance $1,171.14

Please be reminded that if you confirm your attendance at a RTO meeting, your lunch is confirmed as well and we are required to pay the caterers for that meal. If for any reason you cannot attend, it would be appreciated if you would contribute the price of that meal at the next meeting.

Shelburne RTO received additional money this year from the provincial RTO as we have more than 75% membership.

The Treasurer's Report was moved by David Langille,seconded by Shirley Nicoll.MOTION CARRIED

Bonnie gave an update on the Provincial Pension Committee. The Committee will be proactive if there are any changes.

John Jordan is a representative on the Trustees Board for Pensions.

The Annual Meeting will be held May 28-29 th, 2014.

Resolutions for the Annual General Meeting must be in before Dec.15,2013. Bonnie has forms.

Bonnie gave some information on substitute teaching (Reserve and Active Reserve membership). For additional information contact the NSTU (either on-line or call Member Services).

Local submissions can be placed in the Provincial RTO Newsletter.

University courses are available through SCANS (Seniors College Association of Nova Scotia).

The Pre Retirement Seminars for the Tri County will be held Dec.2-3,2013. The local RTO President attends.

'The Wall' at the NSTU showcase retired teachers and events.

Our Member At Large is Herb Seymour.

The RTO Selection Committee judges the Lieutenant Governor Award for Teaching Excellence.

The RTO Golf Tournament will be held September 17,2014. Claire will host this event.

If this branch of the RTO would like to host the Curling Bonspiel let Bonnie know.

2013-2014 Meeting Schedule Shelburne Branch

Friday November 1st, 2013 -Centerville, CSI
Thursday, December 12th, 2013- Shelburne Community Center, King St.Shelburne
Friday, April 11th, 2014-Location TBA
Friday, June 20th,2014-Sandy Point Lighthouse, Sandy Point

It was moved by Marg Dawe, seconded by Shirley Nicoll that the Shelburne RTO give a $25 donation, plus a thank you card to Shelburne Regional High School for photocopying. MOTION CARRIED. This will be paid at the first part of every year.

It was decided that a committee be formed to determine what to do with our funds.
Committee members- the executive, Sue Sinden, Marg Dawe and Phyllis Cunningham.
Anyone else interested contact Bonnie.

A motion by David Langille to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Peggy Munroe.MOTION CARRIED

Lunch followed.

Respectfully submitted,
Dawn Pritchard
Secretary, Shelburne County RTO


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